Standards Alliance Phase II

How to Get Involved:

Governments & Private Sector

The Standards Alliance: Phase 2 is interested in project activities that include in-country training and capacity building workshops, longer term mentoring, study tours, and other activities that will help developing countries prevent and remove non-tariff barriers, and stimulate economic growth, while also preserving and expanding markets for U.S. businesses.

The Standards Alliance: Phase 2 conducts activities in the Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Indo-Pacific regions.

Requests for Proposals

At this time, the Standards Alliance is no longer seeking proposals. Please check this section in the future to submit a proposal.

ANSI Membership and Expert Participants

ANSI Membership is a diverse, distinguished group of companies, organizations, government entities, consumer groups, educational institutions, and additional public - and private-sector innovators who harness the power of standards to impact their interest area and position themselves for long-term success. By bringing together standards professionals, business leaders, subject-matter experts, and cross-sector stakeholders from nearly every area of industry and society, ANSI Membership fosters the collaboration, networking, information-exchange, and strategic support that enables greater understanding of, engagement with, and access to standardization’s valuable opportunities.

Because ANSI’s strategic plans and decision-making are driven by the collective needs and input of our members – who comprise all of ANSI’s governance boards, committees, and advisory groups – the opportunities for members to directly influence U.S. domestic and international standardization policies, priorities, and activities are vast. Whether your company or organization wants to get highly involved in policy activities; is looking for guidance on opportunities to influence technical standards work; or wants to use standards more efficiently, effectively, and economically, ANSI Membership can lead the way.

If you or your organization would like to get involved in one of the Standards Alliance's project activities, please contact and reference the activity of interest.

ANSI Membership and Expert Participants